Sunday, February 07, 2016

Willy Pogany

Willy Pogany:

Willy Pogany (Hungarian, 1882-1955), illustration from Parsifal (1912):

The tale of Lohengrin, knight of the swan after the drama of Richard Wagner by T. W. Rolleston, 1914:

Willy Pogany 1882-1955 Parsifal by Wagner Published by Crowell 1912 via Golden Age Comic Book Stories:

illustration for willy pogany for tannhauser:

willy pogany | Tumblr:

Willy PoganyTales of the Persian genii 1917    Another one of my favorites:

Owl and Pussycat. Illustration by Willy Pogany:

Willy Pogany Welsh Fairy Tales, 1st edition 1907-Tumblr:

"Folk Tales from Many Lands" illustrated by Willy Pogany:

Willy Pogany:

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